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Welcome to IMAX Group

The IMAX Group offers you the opportunity to make real estate investments in Israel and abroad with a relatively low equity investment, in places with high demand and excellent returns. Our team is comprised of experts with vast experience in identifying opportunities and the day-to-day management of real estate projects in numerous countries around the globe.

Would you like to enter the field of real estate investments, but real estate in Israel is too expensive for you? In many countries, real estate investment opportunities are available at significantly lower prices than those in Israel – including in developed and developing countries, in areas where the real estate prices are appreciating at a faster rate. IMAX’s specialty is identifying such opportunities and providing the highest level of service to our investors.

YOU, the customer, are IMAX Group’s most important asset, so with us, you will receive the highest level of service at all times. If you want your money to start working for you now, contact us and we will be happy to be of service!

IMAX Group is an Israel-based marketing company exclusively representing large, international real estate developers’ overseas residential and short-term rental projects to investors.

Your success is our success!   

Our Projects

Here are the projects we are currently offering:

The best ski resort in Georgia


Terrassa Bakuriani

Bakuriani , Georgia

Vacation units in ‘Las Vegas of the Black Sea’


Terrassa Batumi

Batumi, Georgia

The luxury tower in the capital's Hippodrome

קאפה 11 (4)

Terrassa Hippodrome

Tbilisi, Georgia

The green tower, close to the lake


Terrassa Gldani Green Tower

Tbilisi, Georgia

The project in the most sought after district in the capital


Terrassa Saburtalo

Tbilisi, Georgia

The tower on the river


Terrassa Ortachala

Tbilisi, Georgia

Why choose IMAX Group?

Quality, professional service
A safe, worthwhile investment
Personalized assistance throughout the project
Steady returns, High profits
Escrow accounts, Israeli lawyer
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